Atlantic Animal Hospital

23327 Lankford Highway
Accomac, VA 23301


FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I contact you after your office is closed?

A.  If you are a client of Dr. Leatherbury or Dr. Hiler and your pet has an emergency, please call our answering service at 1-877-229-5500 to have them page the doctor on call. If you would like to leave a non urgent message in our voicemail system call our office and you will be directed to the voice mail. A staff member will return your call when the office reopens.  Non-clients may contact Pets ER+ in Salisbury, MD (410) 543-8400 or Greenbrier Blue Pearl in Chesapeake (757) 366-9000.  Please check  our "Signs your Pet Needs to be Seen" page.


Q. My pet has a surgery scheduled, how do I prepare?

A. For routine, elective surgeries, pets need to be fasted overnight-no food after 8:00 PM the night before surgery. Water can be available all night long-pick it up as soon as you get up. For diabetics or tiny patients, contact our office for more instructions. Pre surgery admission for procedures is at 8:00 AM.


Q.  Can I schedule my pet’s appointment via email?

A. You can request the date and whether you prefer AM or PM and a staff member will contact you. If you have an urgent problem or an emergency it is better to phone us directly at 302-0345. 


Q.  Can I get estimates via email?

A.  Each pet is different. You may request an estimate for a procedure via email and a staff member will contact you by phone to determine what is needed. Your pet must be seen by a doctor in order to provide an accurate treatment plan and associated costs.


Q.  Can I get my pet’s medication through online sources?

A. We understand that medications are often less expensive online. However, we recommend you purchase your pet’s drugs, heartworm medications, and flea and tick medications directly from us. We have seen problems with products purchased from outside sources, especially online and out of state/country pharmacies. Many products are safe to order, but some products may be outdated, stored improperly, or be counterfeited.  Some of our clients have received the wrong product, strength or amount of product. Pharmaceutical companies do not sell prescription medications directly to online pharmacies. The online pharmacies purchase them through diverted unknown channels. So you cannot be assured you are getting what you paid for.


Q.  Do you have a grooming facility?

A.  We do bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression but we do not have a groomer.


Q.  Does AAH have a boarding facility?

A. We do! We will board dogs and cats both big and small.  Pets must have had a fecal examination in the last 6 months, and must have current bordetella, distemper, and rabies vaccinations. We also require all boarding pets to be treated with approved flea protection (Frontline Gold, Nexgard, Revolution Plus, etc) within the preceded thirty days.


Q.  Does AAH treat small mammals (i.e. hamsters, rabbits, gerbils, ferrets)?

A.  We provide care for dogs and cats but we do not treat small mammals or exotics (reptiles/amphibians/avian) at this time.


Q.  Does AAH bill for services?

A.  No, all payment is due at time of service.  For your convenience we accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club, and Care Credit.